Sunday, January 30, 2011

The knit bundle of sequins, beads, rickrack, zebra print, rainbow and shoulder pads that's missing a sleeve that I call my crazy 80s sweater

Or one of my crazy 80s sweaters. I took pictures of me in my dated sweater in my dated bathroom.
Pay no attention to the toilet in the corner.
"Got that glitter on my eye."Ke$ha
At school we where making a poster for some party and there was a bunch of glitter glue and glitter and I accidentally pored way too much on so I just rubbed it on my face.


Michele said...

I love your sweater! and the glitters on your eye, you kick ass!

Daniel said...

I want that sweater!! Its so 80s J´adore...When do you do a giveaway ? You can giveaway the magnificent sweater that I just fall in love for...

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