Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rain rain go away part 1

Outfit post! I have a lot of new clothes to use in outfits because I've been Crafty, and DIYish (I just made that word up!) and Stuff but I'm trying to spread them out rather than wear them all at once. So the beautiful shirt you see is some old inside out T-shirt I found in the rag drawer and I got some Sharpies and drew a Miu miu shirt from the 2010 spring collection (that I am obsessed with) on the front. There's another design I came up with on the back. Double sided! So I can wear it different ways. I have another too. It is also Miu miu. The hat I am wearing is sweater sleeve with a rubber band at the end. Well I think that's all, enjoy the pics!


Zola said...

LOVE your shirt

mari.dalor said...

wooooow. i fell in love with this shirt.
i want it so bad.