Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Balenciaga VS. Blythe

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A while ago I discovered Blythe on Etsy and flicker. Blythe is a doll from the 70's that was made for one year only because it scared children with it's big head and eyes. Later someone discovered Blythe again and then they where remade and now Blythe is a collectors item.

So for my birthday I got an awesome book called Blythe style. It has beautiful and wired pictures of Blythe modeling costume clothes by designers like Gucci, Prada , John Galliano and versace. It's a great book get at the library if you can or buy it on amazon or Ebay.

So I was looking through the book at pictures when I noticed how much this Katsuhiko Hibino outfit looks like Belinciaga spring 2008. Doesn't it look Exactly the same save that it's made of Japanese candy boxes?! I will probably blog about Blythe more some other time.

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