Tuesday, July 13, 2010

safari necklace

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I bought this wood necklace at a garage sale for $.50. Well I didn't buy it I just walked past it, my sister bought it for my mom but it wasn't her style so I bought it from her. She'll give it to mom for free but I have to pay!? Anyway here it is.

I saw similar ones on the yokoo Etsy store. And Tavi has a necklace with almost exactly the same elephant! Maybe they where made buy the same person! So I would really like to know more about these necklaces, is there some famous person that made them that I don't know about yet?, or are they an ancient tradition from Africa? Where they a big fashion accessory from the 80's If you know anything about them please tell I'm very interested!


Sophia & Emma said...

wow that's such a great find!! for only 50 cents?! so jealous. :^)


Anonymous said...