Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Haute couture

I had a pair of sun glasses that where a little small and looked weird so last night I got some lace and glued little pieces on the lenses, the end result was something lady gaga would wear,But they are really nice. So I was wearing them today while looking at the new couture 2010 collections on style.com and givinchy (one of my favorite designers since that resort collection) made a collection inspired by skeletons (not what I would have used as inspiration). The collection was so intricate and beautiful I had to take off my lace covered glasses to get a better look. look at the rest of the collection here.

Also see the Alexis Mabille collection I love how there is a gown version and a suit version of each look. And the lace and ruffles were very 1900s I like it.

Another one to see is Christian Dior. I know John Galliano is crazy and costume but this is over the top even for him! I had to take off my glasses for this too.

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